Born from the INNER VISION
           created by every woman, who    
                  believes that she is
           and has everything to offer !
                        A WOMAN
              who is completely secure.  
       Confident that when she walks
     into a room her values and beliefs
     shine, above and  beyond outer
            UNIQUE, in  character,
         she is motivated by a lifestyle
              that is uncomplicated.
         A  gentle voice, that speaks
        volumesof personal acceptance.
        Empowering women to reach for
                perfection & take action !
      Lepena Powell - Reid
           Is a role model of universal
                      hope & healing,
                  proving that you can
             overcome violent attacks,
            heal from health challenges
          and live beyond your imagination.
        Inspirational speaker, poetess,      
       advocate, etiquette & walk coach. 
        She touches hearts & souls,
        motivating everyone to love life,
         move forward through it's lessons
             and to share your talents.
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